WRATHBLADE from Athens, capital of Hellas, have their shit together. The outfit formed in late 2003 by the guitarist Chris Mosalos (ex PANIX, DEPRESSION, RAGING STORM). Chris teamed up with Nick Varsamis (LITANY) on vocals and George Koumparoulis (LITANY) on Bass. The band did rehearse with a couple of drummers until the arrival of Nick Papadopoulos (BATTLEROAR). Soon after, the axe-man Nick Sotiriou came to complete the line up. Unfortunately, Nick could not keep up the pace with the band due to his heavy schedule with Battleroar, so he was replaced by Giannis Alexandrakis (ARPYIAN HORDE, FOREDOOMED) and the act, finally, did reach a stable line up, which now is the following:

  • Giannis Alexandrakis: Drums
  • George Koumparoulis: Bass
  • Nick Sotiriou: Guitars
  • Chris Mosalos: Guitars
  • Nick Varsamis: Vocals

WRATHBLADE is nothing but a live band. It has already shared the stage with known foreign and local acts such as BROCAS HELM, DOMINE, RAM, DEMON, DEATH SS, POWERVICE, SACRED STEEL, BATTLEROAR, OLD SEASON, MARAUDER, POWERCRUE, LITANY and STRIKELIGHT among others.

The first official release of WRATHBLADE is a 7’’ / CD Single that has been released by EAT METAL RECORDS in April 2006.

Latest releases:

  • Reigns Of Doom demo cd (October 2011)
  • Into the Netherworld's Ream (March 2012)

...see you ond the road!

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